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"Music that stands for Truth"

Meet the Artist


​Shalom was born and raised in North Minneapolis. Today he is a proud husband and father of five daughters. He is the pastor and founder of True Believers Fellowship Curch in South East Minneapolis. Shalom has a great zeal for teaching sound doctrine and creating a discipleship culture amongst all believers.


In addition to being a husband, father, and pastor, Shalom is the founder of recording label Righteous Muzic. He is also a recorrding Christian rapper. He has recently released his first album titled "Tell The Truth" on July 1st, 2016. This project is packed with heartfelt truth, songs like "Thou Shalt Not Murder","World Views", "Heart Of A Father", and the hit single "Tell The Truth".


Shalom also has his hands in film-making soon to release the documentary titled Who Do I Say Yes To? a film desperately needed in our day to minister to those that find themselves victim to bad relationships. This film teaches you biblically how to choose the right mate and learn what a wholesome relationship consists of.


In all his efforts, whether preaching, rapping on the mic, or producing a documentary Shalom's heart is for the lost and for those that are broken. His number one goal in life is to bring the light of God's word through his son Jesus Christ into the hearts of those that are lost. "We just want to do God's Will"

Tunisia Bio

Born an 80's baby in the Texas Heat the floral month of May. Coupled with a few siblings times 2 to an awesome single mother who instilled hard work pays off. That wonderful mother of hers decided 2 disengage with the heat and contend with the winter cold of subzero temps in the tundra of Minnesnowta. While she loved music as a child she didn't realize she had the ability to hold a note and make it blend with other highs and lows. 

 Now that she's older writing music, changing poetry into song, leading praise and worship and edifying Sisters in Christ both young and old is a complete Eternal passion of hers. 

 I Introduce myself to you I am Tunisunia Reed. A faithful servant to Christ and one who has answered the call as a laborer with humility.  To extend the word of God to an eager ear through song and melody with a message of Hope.  "Lord let your will be done."

Ennaoj Bio

Ennaoj Reed was born in Minnesota to Shalom and Tunisunia Reed. She's the first born and now has four sisters. She began singing at a young age and enjoys every second of it. She attends Hope Academy a private school that she's been attending since kindergarten and is now in the 9th grade. She continues to do what she loves which is music.

Latrell's Bio

Born in Chicago, Illinois in March of 1997. To get away from the negative cycle that plagued our family his mother moved him and his 11 siblings to Minnesota where he has grown to be the young man he is today. His writing began in high school doing a spoken word course and my teacher quickly made him realize he was a natural at writing. Once I came to Christ, I began to have a growing passion to express the goodness of God's word through lyrics. I wish for you to contemplate our Lord and Saviour as you enjoy the melodies. Christ has made me into the young man I am today. I want to stand before the Lord side by side with my brothers and sisters and be told well done my good and faithful servants. 

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